Hayley Williams Rocks 8 Wordy Tees In Paramore's New 'Careful' Video

Paramore's brand-new "Careful" video dropped this week, from the group's 2009 album Brand New Eyes. The documentary-style performance video shows lots of footage of Paramore on stage and recording Brand New Eyes, which means we get close-ups of all of singer Hayley Williams' performance gear.

So what did we notice in the 4-minute piece? Hayley's not afraid of a good pair of leopard-print pants -- her printed bottoms show up on four separate occasions. And more than anything, she wears eight different T-shirts with words on them. She even scrawled on three tees herself, like the "Para-Thrilla in Manila" top wore to a concert in the Philippines in March. Some fans loved it so much, they wanted to buy it! But it's way easier to cop her look with a good Sharpie.

Observe Hayley's verbose tees:

Hayley showed her love for Operation Ivy in a tank top and displayed her spirit with the handwritten words "Rather Be Dead Alive" on a red tank.

She also wore a Minor Threat band tank top, a Varsity League blue tee, and a white "Jeremy Is My Homeboy" tee.

Getting feisty with a "FIGHT: Say When, Say Where" top and a yellow tank with "security" on it.

+ Watch Paramore's "Careful" to see all of Hayley's tees in action!