Meet Justin Bieber's Opening Act: Vita Chambers

Dedicated followers of Buzzworthy will already be up on Vita Chambers, the 17-year-old Caribbean-pop sensation who echos the radio-friendly sounds of Katy Perry and Pink through her own distinctive, unbelievably upbeat voice.

Vita Chambers made a name for herself by making a song-as-love-letter to Lil Wayne's Young Money crew with the appropriately named single "Young Money." Think of it as a hip-hop version of Miley Cyrus' "Party In The U.S.A."

Whether it was "Young Money," or one of her other totally engaging, fun tracks, something caught the ear of Justin Bieber, and now Vita Chambers will be opening for Justin this summer, along with Sean Kingston.

With Bieber's big tour and a hot new song, "Like Boom," heating it up, it's going to be a good summer vacation for Vita Chambers. (Again, SHE GETS TO SPEND HER SUMMER WITH JUSTIN BIEBER!)

+ Check out Vita Chambers' episode of "The 5."

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