Deftones Talk 'Diamond Eyes' And Cali Vibes

I'm sure Chino Moreno is an absolute sweetheart of a dude. He probably enjoys crocheting and leaving funny comments on his friends' Facebook pictures. But when you watch him in the videos he makes with his band, Deftones, you could be forgiven for feeling like that dude is ... intense.

Well, ever the service-minded folks that we are, we here at Buzzworthy have interviewed the hard-rocking yet epically melodious California band for you so you can experience Moreno and Co.'s intensity through the comfort of your own computer screen.

In this MTV Q&A, Deftones talk about their new album, Diamond Eyes, and how the good vibes surrounding the band (they are Californian, after all) helped make the album a blissful experience. The group also discusses the infamous shelved Eros album, which was indefinitely delayed following Chi Cheng's car accident. Over the course of the interview, Deftones lovingly play homage to Cheng, who remains in a semiconscious state.

Hear about all this stuff and much more in the interview with Deftones below. Also, make yourself cooler than you already are by watching their "Diamond Eyes" and "Rocket Skates" videos (taken from Diamond Eyes) and "Change (In The House Of Flies)." And watch Deftones on "Headbangers Ball."