The Buzz On: Dominique Young Unique

Combining the playful, old-school charm of classic femme-hop acts such as JJ Fad and Michel'le with fierce, storming social vocals, Dominique Young Unique just kicked in the hip-hop door -- and she ain't going anywhere.

With a helium-high voice, a crazy charismatic Southern drawl and an incredible sense of rhythm in her flow, Dominique has been catching ears in hip-hop circles, indie circles and the in-between places where they meet.

Dominique is something of a prodigy. Her early YouTube success eventually landed her on Art Jam Records (a label she shares with Yo Majesty). She's 19 now, as she assured Stereogum in the interview below. And she's recorded an arsenal of tracks, including the raunchy "Show My Ass," and the dance floor-ready freestyle (as in Latin Freestyle) cut, "Music Time," on her Blaster EP. She was also the subject of a mashup with the indie band Yacht, via the incredible remixing talents of the Hood Internet.

Listen to Dominique Young Unique music's at her MySpace page or at Watch her "Show My Ass" video, and watch a clip of her performing live on mtvU.