WTF: Britney Spears Cupcakes!

From Bake Happy, the makers of the amazing Lady Gaga cupcakes we told you about last month, comes the latest in edible fan art: Britney Cakes.

In honor of Britney Spears becoming the "Queen of Twitter," amassing more than 5 million followers, the folks at Bake Happy decided to commemorate the occasion with a Britney-themed cupcake.

This particular Britney cupcake is based on her Catholic school girl look in the iconic "Baby One More Time" video that launched her to fame. (Or, as we like to call it, "The Britney Ideal.")

Now, I can barely make myself toast, so I'm not going to critique someone who is obviously a master baker, but you might notice that the hair is decidedly brunette, whereas, in the video, Britney's a dirty blonde (her hair is, that's not a judgment). But, hey, when it comes to cupcakes, who cares about hair color, right? Side note: Wonder if they're as good as these Lady Gaga cookies.

Check out more pics of the Britney Spears cakes as well as the "Baby One More Time" video below.