New Video: Michelle Branch, 'Getaway'

Michelle Branch has a new video out! Yay! But it's essentially a car commercial. Ehh? It's OK though. Because we've missed Michelle Branch! We've been belting "Everywhere" since, well, since it came out nine years ago. Because it was just THAT good, and it still is. We know she's done stuff since then, like Hotel Paper, and those spots on "Buffy" and "One Tree Hill," and that shift to country with The Wreckers. And she got married and had a baby. But we missed like the original Michelle Branch, you know?

So, sure, "Getaway," is essentially a music-backed vehicle for the new MINI Countryman car that's coming out in 2011. And since "Getaway" is produced by Timbaland, it's got all of his signature "blicka-blickas," though they're more subdued than usual. And true, the video is pretty adult-contemporary (which is why it feels a leeeeettle bit John Mayer-y). And of course, Timbaland makes his patented pretend-freaked-out faces, which he always does in every video. But, like Lisa Loeb, slicked-up videos were never really Michelle Branch's thing. We're just glad to see her behind a guitar again.

+ Watch Michelle Branch's "Getaway" video, featuring Timbaland.

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