Rihanna Looks WAY Over-Photoshopped On The Cover Of 'Elle'

Rihanna has experimented with a couple of different looks since the release of her album Rated R. In videos like "Russian Roulette," she's been under the gun. She's been a drill instructor in "Hard." And she played an animal-friendly rude girl in "Rude Boy." And on stage we've seen her rock a couple of different styles, most recently  sporting a shock of red hair.

But Rihanna's never been an emaciated stick figure. That is, until now. Spotted via Jezebel, here's Rihanna on the cover of the new issue of ELLE magazine. She looks awesome, and that dress is off the chain. But her body doesn't even make sense! Nobody needs to be that skinny! Rihanna, you look amazing when you look like ... Rihanna. No need for an 11-inch waist or whatever you've probably been Photoshopped into looking like you have.

Great to see Ri-Ri on a magazine cover, but let's keep it within the realm of reality, right, people?