Star Spotting: Lady Gaga Wears Something Subtle To Her Sister's Graduation

Above is Lady Gaga, rocking something beyond words at her sister Natalie's graduation ceremony yesterday in New York City. Can you imagine the conversation the two of them had, regarding whether or not she was gonna show up at Nat's graduation from high school? I think it went something like this.

Lady: Hi, Nattles! Congrats!

Natalie: Thanks, Stef. Are you coming to this shindig?

Lady: Nat-nat! I wouldn't miss it for all the world!!!

Natalie: [sigh]

Lady: What?

Natalie: Look, Stef, you know I love you.

Lady: Here it comes!

Natalie: But this is kind of my day. So if you could just tone it down. I mean ...

Lady: Listen, kid. You won't even know I was there. I promise, I'll just grab the first thing I see on top of all my laundry and throw it on. It'll be like I'm just Steffy From The Block.

Natalie: Really? What's on top of your laundry?

Lady: Let's see ... Ha! Well, a black veil, a Chanel chain bag, a lacy, see-thorough jumpsuit.

Natalie: Gah! Stef! I'm graduating from a place called Convent of the Sacred Heart! Do you really think that's appropriate!?

Lady Gaga: What! It's my casual Tuesday outfit! Don't be such a pill!

-- FIN! --