Buzzworthy Obsession: Elijah Wood In Apples In Stereo's 'Dance Floor' Video

Hobbit money is long. That's the lesson we're learning in 2010, folks. Sure, there have been other lessons, (right, BP?) But based on his two music video appearances this year, Elijah Wood (star of the immensely successful "Lord Of The Rings" trilogy, in which he played lead hobbit, Frodo) has no pressing need to return to well-paying gigs.

After appearing in Danko Jones' thriller video for their song "Full Of Regret," Elijah Wood has popped up again in this new video for "Dance Floor," by the indie rock veterans Apples In Stereo.

In this kitschy clip, directed by Greg Kilpatrick, Wood plays a science teacher who futzes around with a time machine (built by Apples In Stereo frontman Robert Schneider). Next thing he knows, he's transported into an alternate reality where Apples are playing this funky, disco-flavored track and Wood is an award-winning teacher with a cute indie girlfriend.

Was it all a dream? Watch the video and judge for yourself.