Get To Know Rain, Biggest Badass Star At The MTV Movie Awards

(Photo: Getty Images)

If you're not a fan of martial-arts movies or Korean pop music (aka "K-pop"), you might have been scratching your head when some dude named Rain walked away with the golden popcorn for Biggest Badass Star (beating out ANGELINA JOLIE!) at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. So for those of you unfamiliar with Rain, let us introduce you to one of Korea's most talented exports. For those of you who ARE familiar with Rain ... LET'S TALK ABOUT HOW AWESOME HE IS!

Over the past eight years, Rain has risen to superstar status in his native Korea, thanks to an über-successful singing, dancing, modeling and acting career. The illegally handsome Renaissance man got caught, however, in the U.S. hype machine last year when Megan Fox started singing his praises, describing him as "the Korean Justin Timberlake."

After a turn in "Speed Racer," as rookie racer Taejo Togokahn, Rain took on the lead role in "Ninja Assassin," which is about a jaded assassin who's looking to kick ass -- and take names -- during a plight to destroy his former mentor. His role in "Ninja Assassin" won him the Biggest Badass golden popcorn.

To experience Rain's badass-ness for yourself, check out "Ninja Assassin," out now. Listen to Rain's latest mini-album, Back To The Basic, listen to his hit "Hip Song," watch him accept his Movie Award and check out his 2006 video "How To Avoid The Sun." No passport required.