The Buzz On: Weatherstar

Christofer Drew probably doesn't see singer/guitarist Cameron Walker and his band Weatherstar as major competition in the battle for heartfelt-folk-rock supremacy. They've both shared a stage, and they share a manager. Plus, there's enough love to go around, right?

Sure, Christofer Drew and Cameron Walker do look remarkably alike, and Walker might not sport the same under-eye paint and coonskin cap as the Never Shout Never frontman. But this doe-eyed songwriter is still pretty cute without the makeup and accessories. And though Weatherstar sounds like some kind of Doppler radar technology, he writes gorgeous acoustic-tinged tearjerkers and pop-rock anthems with the assist of drummer Billy Toti.

Check out standout Weatherstar songs like "Wish You Would Stay," "Postcards," Rainy Day" and "All In Your Head" for stripped-back tracks with traces of early Dashboard Confessional, Panic! At The Disco Ben Kweller, and Something Corporate.

Weatherstar's self-titled EP is out now. Be sure to check out the band's official MySpace page for upcoming tour dates.