Song You Need To Know: Joe Jonas, 'Make It Right'

Heartbreaker, sports fan, tambourine player, Jonas brother ... Joe Jonas is many things. And soon he will be a solo artist. But while we wait for the inevitable Joe Jonas solo platter, we whet our appetites with this leak from the Jonas L.A. soundtrack, "Make It Right."

Rather than explore his funky side, à la his brother Nick's solo adventure with Nick Jonas And The Administration, Joe is keeping it pretty mellow here.

After starting with an opening melody ripped right out of the Goo Goo Dolls' "Name," Joe begins to whisper a song of regret. Seems like J.J. is bumming about bouncing on a girl (whoever could he *coughDemiLovatocough* mean?), switching into a rather well-done falsetto to plead, "Don't say it's too late to try to make it right."

It's all got the feel of a song playing during a scene in a movie where Amanda Seyfried is reunited with her long-lost love. And, in that context, it's totally successful. But it does lack swagger. Perhaps Joe is saving the swagger for the album.

Check out the song below. Joe Jonas' solo album is rumored to be dropping this year.

+ Listen to Joe Jonas, "Make It Right," here

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