Song You Need To Know: Florence And The Machine's 'Heavy In Your Arms,' From The 'Eclipse' Soundtrack

(Credit: Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage)

Here we have some new music from the "Eclipse" soundtrack, courtesy of Florence And The Machine's "Heavy In Your Arms."

Regardless of how you feel about "The Twilight Saga," whether you count yourself among the hardest core of hard-core Twi-hards, or you're merely someone who casually passes through Forks whenever the movies drop -- you can't deny that the atmospheric music takes the movies to a whole new level.

As we saw in the parking lot love triangle scene between Bella, Edward and Jacob that debuted on the MTV Movie Awards last night, "Eclipse" is packing some seriously heavy drama. With that in mind, this Florence And The Machine track certainly matches the mood.

Florence And The Machine -- we fell in love with the band back in 2008 -- has been compared to the likes of PJ Harvey and Kate Bush, and "Heavy In Your Arms" totally invokes both of those iconic vocalists. It's pained, sparse and full of soaring vocals, arching over minimal percussion and piano.