MTV Movie Awards Fashion Report: Christina Aguilera's Blinking Heart Vs. Katy Perry's Light-Up Daisy Dukes

If you're planning your next shopping trip according to what tonight's 2010 MTV Movie Awards performers wore, you might want to pick up some extra batteries. Both stars of the Movie Awards' musical performances -- Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry -- outfitted themselves in blinking lights. (Apparently sequins just don't cut it anymore!) But who wore light-up clothes better?

In Katy Perry's case, we already knew she loved the idea of being a walking flashlight. The singer garnered worldwide attention for a light-up dress she wore to a gala in May. So we weren't surprised when she took the stage wearing a glow-in-dark pink top and blue shorts (for a second it looked like her shoes lit up, too). And just when Katy was this close to making light-up garments her signature, Christina Aguilera came along and upped the ante.

Sure, Katy rocked lights all over her body, but Xtina was more selective, and only put the lights on one place ... her lady parts! And not just dotted lights either. Christina wore a light-up heart between her legs. And it BLINKED. For us, that makes Christina the winner of this glow-in-the dark face-off, simply due to the fact that if all the power ever mysteriously went out in the Gibson Amphitheater, we could simply rely on Xtina to guide us to safety with her illuminated vag.

+ What do you think? Who wore the light-up clothes better, Katy Perry or Christina Aguilera? Watch Katy Perry's and Christina Aguilera's Movie Awards performances. And if you need a closer look at Xtina's heart, check it out below.

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