Watch Katy Perry's 2010 MTV Movie Awards Performance Of 'California Gurls'

While Katy Perry's "California Gurls" video is a candy-coated piece of pop confection, her "California Gurls" performance at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards was a picture-perfect, neon teen dream pretty enough to be a postcard. And in case you missed the reference, it basically was a postcard come to life! Katy Perry clearly ditched the fruit motif of her past and took style notes from 1950s "greetings from" state postcards, I-t-t-t-totally-love-the-'80s fluorescents, a little 1960s sci-fi (is that blue wig not a little Jane Fonda in "Barbarella"?) and a dash of 1970s "Wonder Woman" flair (Katy's two-piece was SO Lynda Carter!) for her "California Gurls" performance.

Snoop Dogg rounded out the California theme, dressed in go-to Long Beach long shorts and a tee, keeping it classic and Snoop classy. It was the perfect pop music pool party brought to life.

+ Watch Katy Perry, Snoop, and her bevy of rollerskating beauties in her 2010 MTV Movie Awards performance of "California Gurls." And watch Katy on the red carpet with Christian Siriano.