Buzzworthy Style Star Of The Week: Russell Brand

(Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, George Napolitano/WireImage)

Usually, we find movie trailers that constantly interrupt our normal television-watching routine annoying -- but we can't seem to get enough of the LOL-fest known as "Get Him To The Greek," starring Jonah Hill and one Russell Brand.

Russell's been zigzagging all over the States pimping the movie, and he just looks more and more handsome at every appearance. That's why it seemed fitting to crown the British funnyman as Buzzworthy's Style Star Of The Week.

Russell was a vision in white as he strolled the red carpet with fiancée Katy Perry at the Los Angeles premiere of "Get Him To The Greek." Then, a couple days later, he reappeared as the man in black during a Meet The Actors event at the Apple Store in Soho. Light vs. dark, good vs. evil -- even when Russell isn't trying, he can't help but be existential AND stylish.

"Get Him To The Greek" opens today. Go see it, or else P. Diddy will sick the Mexican Jonas Brothers on you. Ay dios mio!