New Interview: Green Day On 'Rock Band,' Old-School Video Games And Tour Injuries

Green Day Rock Band

We're just one week away from the release of "Green Day: Rock Band," as one of the biggest acts in the world conquers an all-new medium: video games. It features 47 of the Berkeley boys' greatest tracks, including all of Dookie, American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown.

Recently, Buzzworthy had a chance to talk with Green Day about the game, the group's all-time best MTV memories and some of the more painful events that have gone down while they were out on tour. We also asked them about the songs that aren't included in "Green Day: Rock Band." Of the songs that didn't make the cut, only two are Green Day songs. One is "Stop Drop and Roll" by their recent side project The Foxboro Hot Tubs, and the other, as Mike Dirnt notes, is a Who cover. The last song that Billie Joe offers up is "Hungry Hungry Models" by The Network -– a band long rumored to be Green Day in disguise, though Green Day's never confirmed its involvement in the group. Interesting … very interesting.

Watch Green Day discuss the music of "Green Day: Rock Band," video games, plus their all-time favorite MTV moments, their sickest tour injuries and more in this exclusive interview. In the meantime, check out new "Green Day: Rock Band" video mods for "Know Your Enemy," "Last of the American Girls" and "21 Guns." And don't forget: "Green Day: Rock Band" drops Tuesday, June 8!