New Interview: Taio Cruz On Sunglasses, Clothes And Being A Rokstarr

When you watch Taio Cruz in his Ludacris-assisted video for the storming dance/R&B track "Break Your Heart," he's leaving a girl in his wake, rocking stunner shades and generally being a bad boy. On his song "Dirty Picture," (which he intended for Lady Gaga!), Taio and Ke$ha demonstrate their willingness to strip for the camera.

But watch this episode of "The 5," featuring the British vocalist, and you'll meet a whole different character. The real Taio Cruz is intriguingly serene, and he clearly has many other interests outside of breaking hearts and taking lewd snapshots. In this interview, Taio Cruz talks about his burgeoning side gig designing sunglasses under the label Rokstarr, a name he which shares with his debut album.

He also talks about his Nigerian and Brazilian roots, his mini empire of side gigs, the correct pronunciation of Taio (it's like Tay-o) and his affinity for wearing black and white.

Check out the interview below. Taio Cruz's Rokstarr is out now.