Video You Need To Know: The Pretty Reckless, 'Make Me Wanna Die'

(Credit: Danny Martindale/WireImage)

There are a lot of "Gossip Girl" purists who are rooting for Lil' J to fail, but the video for The Pretty Reckless' "Make Me Wanna Die" should shut them up right quick.

We were skeptical, too, but Taylor Momsen can really sing, and the song totally rocks. Creepy and haunting, the music drips with Shiny Toy Guns-like brooding synths and My Chemical Romance-esque macabre lyrics. Plus, the video's grim aesthetic only adds to the song's theme of torturous love.

Our only gripe is that we can see the tracks in Momsen's extensions, which is kind of distracts us from getting in touch with our despaired inner self.

Check out the "Make Me Wanna Die" video by The Pretty Reckless, and be sure to catch Momsen & Co. when they play all of Warped Tour this summer. Plus, watch two live performances from Sessions.

+ Plus: Watch The Pretty Reckless on Live Sessions.

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