Video Premiere: Vampire Weekend, 'Holiday'

If Louis XIV could time travel to 2010, he'd get the hell out of boring old Versailles and go hang out somewhere more awesome, like L.A.! His favorite band would clearly be Vampire Weekend, and he'd go undercover as Ezra Koenig. He'd play some chess, overuse some ChapStick and do what any red-blooded heterosexual male would do -- hit up In-N-Out burger (Animal style!), tool around in an old car with the top down (except the car would be new to him, you know? Because he's from the 17th century?) and hang out with chicks in bikinis at a pool. Basically, life would be one big anachronism.

All of this would culminate in him beating up a surfer on the beach.

Those fictitious ruminations also double as most of the plot points in Vampire Weekend's new video!

Watch Vampire Weekend's "Holiday" video.

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