MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Jason Derulo

(Credit: Eric Johnson/MTV)

With his self-titled debut, MTV's PUSH Artist Of The Week Jason Derulo has perfected a distinct brand of emo-R&B. Songs like "Whatcha Say," which samples Imogen Heap, and the stomping "In My Head" exemplify this style, combining soaring, lovelorn vocals with incredibly melodic keys and slick beats.

In the clips below you'll get to know this young talent a little better. Derulo talks about the transition from songwriter (he's penned tracks for Birdman, Diddy and Cassie) to artist, the amount of time he spends on Twitter and the flak he catches for it. He also discusses his fashion choices and how he stays in shape.

In the second and third videos, Derulo shares how he followed his dream and what it took for him to get where he is. A holy trinity of influences -- Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson -- inspired him.

Check out all the clips as well as his video for "In My Head," below.

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