New Interview: Courtney Love Talks Twitter, Etsy, Britney And Christina, And Not Competing With Gaga

It became clear to me when I interviewed Courtney Love, as it will to you when you watch the videos below, that she is not the type of woman who gets interrupted often. Love is the opposite of timid, and, as she freely admits in this interview, she has no filter. But it's part of her dynamic. And why should Love stop talking? She's a walking, talking, full-color book of stories and opinions. She's funny, open, she freely admits her shortcomings and she's completely honest. Many musicians show up at MTV having memorized their press release. Love is not that girl. (She expressly told me she hates talking about what her songs mean.)

Love has been the grunge poster girl, married to one of the most iconic rock figures of the 20th century. Plus, with four Hole albums down -- including the latest Hole album, Nobody's Daughter -- she's created some of the most influential female-fronted rock music of all time. Clearly, Love has had experiences that you and I have not, nor will we ever have.

In this exclusive MTV Buzzworthy Blog interview, she shares experiences that are quintessentially hers, such as convincing Linda Perry to give her "Beautiful" instead of Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears (we know how that ended up), playing a private Vegas show in a Balenciaga dress and Kurt Cobain calling her the greatest f*** in the world. Love also shares with us some experiences that are universal: making money, the nuances of bipolar disorder, Twitter, Etsy addictions (she spent six figures on Etsy) and body functions. Also, you probably don't have to deal with Lady Gaga's stylistic influence on the changing face of the music industry and the chasm between rock and pop. But Love does. She's the "queen of rock and roll," and at the same time, she's down-to-earth enough to be your next-door neighbor.

Watch Courtney Love cover all of those topics and much more in these exclusive Buzzworthy interview clips.