Watch Justin Bieber Show You His Version Of The Moonwalk

QUESTION: When will we ever tire of Justin Bieber's hair?

ANSWER: Easy. Never.

Case in point: In this brand-new Justin Bieber video from his Walmart Soundcheck performance, we see some hysterical fan girls who are sick to the bone with Bieber Fever. We get to hear Justin talk lovingly about his homeland, the Great White North -- Canada, eh? (Say "about!" Say "house!").

But the best thing about this Justin Bieber video is, of course, the hair. When JB walks out on stage, removes the purple fitted and shakes his bob for the screaming masses and then knowingly smiles, he's basically saying, "Yup, this is what y'all want. The hair shimmy." It's pretty much become his version of moonwalking. It's the one move, the sole gesture that's become so closely associated with Bieber that people would be shocked if he didn't do it. Trust me, if this kid ever gets a haircut it's going to make the time Britney shaved her head look like a day at the botanical garden.

Let the gravity of that marinade in your mind while watching this sneak peek of Justin Bieber's Walmart Soundcheck performance. (The full-length performance goes live tonight at 10 p.m. ET.) And watch Justin show MTV exactly what goes into his signature coif. And why not go for another round of "Eenie Meenie" while you're at it?

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