New Video: Rooney, 'I Can't Get Enough'

Last month we got some behind-the-scenes footage of Rooney's new video for "I Can't Get Enough." And there was roller skating, there was choreography, there was anticipation.

Now the wait is over, as we're happy to unveil the finished product. Rooney's newest video certainly fits the vibe of the song; it's breezy, fun-loving and full of wonder. The video, directed by Marcus Herring, has a kind of late-'70s/early-'80s vibe in its almost quaint use of special effects. But it all fits the simplicity of the song. And Rooney's obviously in on the fun; just wait for the part where bassist/vocalist Robert Schwartzman is singing in front of what looks like an old, animated Starburst ad.

Props to the roller skaters, who pretty much make this video what it is. There's some really fun rolling choreography -- with splits, turns and Rockettes-esque kick lines --all in retro skates.

Check out the video below. Rooney's Eureka album is due out June 8.

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