Miranda Cosgrove Shares Tips For The Perfect Prom

Miranda Cosgrove's just a day shy of 17, but she's already been to the prom once -- which is one more time than us. (Not like we're bitter or anything.)

OK, so she's not exactly a prom expert, but she's one of our favorite 17-year-olds, so we had her share prom pearls of wisdom, and they're pretty dead-on. For example, never underestimate the importance of comfortable shoes or a good perfume. And unless you want to clear the dance floor, don't ask the DJ to play "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston. That shizz is wack.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves, Miranda. Although, you might not want to get too cozy with the idea of snagging James Franco as a piece of arm candy. We totally call dibs on him. Plus, we've been working out, so you definitely don't want to mess with us!

Miranda Cosgrove's debut album, Sparks Fly, is out now. Go get it or we'll sic Gibby on your collective asses. Check out the video for her single "Kissin' U" below. Kudos to her stylist -- Keith Haring threads are dope!