MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Debi Nova Talks Singing And Surfing

(Credit: Brian Appio/MTV)

MTV's PUSH Artist of the Week is the beguiling "tropical soul" singer Debi Nova.  Back in January, we introduced you to the L.A.-via-Costa Rica singer and learned all about her background in backing vocals: She's worked on records by Sean Paul and the Black Eyed Peas.

Well, now it's time to get to know her a little better with this episode of "The 5."

The takeaway here is that in addition to carving her own musical niche, Debi Nova seems like a cool, laid-back lady. She talks about her home country of Costa Rica and the peaceful feeling of coming from a country without an army. She also muses on how her fluency in English and Spanish (as well as playing multiple instruments) influenced the sound of her debut album, Luna Nueva. Plus, she's a surfer!

Check out the entire episode of Debi Nova's "The 5" and revisit her "Drummer Boy" video, both below.

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