Star Spotting: Christina Aguilera Strips Down, Shows Her 'Bionic' Body On The Cover Of German 'GQ'

Oh, hey, Christina Aguilera! Nice boots! Here we see the Bionic Woman vamping it up, German Expressionist style, in the June 2010 issue of German GQ. The photo was taken by acclaimed fashion photographer Alix Malka. You can see Xtina is really working her best Marlene Dietrich there, though, to be fair, Dietrich usually wore (a lot) more clothes than that.

Aguilera always plays with a variety of influences when it comes to her look (just ask the superfans engaged in the great Gaga/Aguilera debate of 2010). The imagery associated with her forthcoming album, Bionic, has been suggesting retro-futurism, with Christina as a half-woman, half-robot. But this GQ cover is more stark, more film noir and more femme fatale.

We're dying to see what look she throws at us next.