Kelis Breaks Down Her Style, Is Basically Unconcerned About PETA

The Daily Mail called Kelis’ skintight pink latex suit "bizarre." Global Grind declared her snoods and bustiers a precursor to Lady Gaga. Her "Cruella De Vil" fur hat? PETA deemed it a crime against animals.

Kelis' thirst to innovate spawned a discography of tracks that splice, mash and blend R&B, rap, house and rock. That same go-for-broke attitude has gotten her Alexander McQueen-inspired outfits lauded by fashion heads and clowned by bloggers (and sometimes the reverse). Her getups, which she says she doesn't plan out much in advance, mix the unexpected like a Givenchy gold-studded leather jacket with Mickey Mouse Adidas and a "Rad Hatter" black bowler with an ’80s throwback gold chain.

Before Kelis rocked the charts with "Milkshake," "Caught Out There" and most recently, "Acapella," she worked retail. If you think she has strong opinions about music, wait till you hear what she says about fashion. She has plenty to say about her choices (she doesn’t love all of them); haters (including PETA); and how a woman should decide what to wear (just listen).

Watch Kelis explain the inspiration for five of her outfits and her approach to fashion:

You'll find more about what makes great a great outfit and what every every woman should know about fashion, according to Kelis, after the jump.

+ Kelis on what makes great fashion:

+ What every woman should know about putting together a look: