5 Awesome Makeout Videos

With prom season upon it, most dancegoers have only one thing on their mind -- and it ain't corsages.

Yup, it's making out (or what have you). We do it all for the nookie over here at MTV Buzzworthy (#notreally), so we thought it might be helpful to provide all the hapless hook-ups out there with a smooch-inducing soundtrack. Trust us. We did lots of in-depth testing. (DM us for more detail.)

1.) The Big Pink's "Dominos": If your beloved is a fan of all-things British and brooding, then this ambient synth-rock anthem should definitely get you two in the mood. However, it might be hard to suck face when you're both bopping your heads to the beat so proceed with caution.

2.) Paramore's "The Only Exception": Every time we listen to this song, we get chills. And every time we watch the video, we start to tear up. Although Hayley Williams has never confirmed the tune was inspired by her boyfriend (and New Found Glory guitarist) Chad Gilbert, it doesn't seem too hard to connect the dots. Even if you don't have a rock star bf, this song is still the sweetest thing ever and, perhaps, the unofficial prom theme of 2010.

3.) Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game": This video basically put making out ON THE MAP. If the combination of Isaak's dulcet crooning and model Helena Christensen's hot bod doesn't get you rather hot and bothered, then you might want to check some pulses because there could be a corpse on your hands.

4.) Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You": If you have a hard time expressing your feelings, then this song can do the trick -- and then some. However, just make sure your dude/special lady friend isn't on his way to the slammer, or else you might be sending some pretty weird mixed signals.

5.) Kings Of Leon's "Use Somebody": If we were on our way to Makeout City, population do's, we would definitely want this song to be playing on the radio during the trip. Oh, and if Kings Of Leon frontman Caleb Followill just so happened to be riding in the passenger seat, that'd be OK, too.