New Interview: Fefe Dobson On Being 'A Real, True Muffin Baker,' Mariah Carey And Starting Fires

Fefe Dobson is a pretty spunky rock gal out of Canada who makes spitfire rock singles like "I Want You," which fall somewhere between Joan Jett and the White Stripes.

But this is "The 5," and rarely on "The 5" do we speak of what people sound like or what their recording process is like. "The 5" is where you find out about the little oddities, idiosyncrasies and weird/fun facts that make the artists who they are.

So, in the case of Fefe Dobson we learn that the young singer/songwriter has a love for baking muffins, counts herself as a devoted follower of the Church of Mariah Carey (we also belong!), pledges undying allegiance to her first-generation iPod (the old brick-looking joint) and reveals her nearly legal blindness (true!) and her penchant for pyromania (somewhat exaggerated).

Learn about all these things and more in Fefe's episode of "The 5," plus watch her awesome "I Want You" video and one of her favorite Mariah jams.

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