Morph Report: Is Fred Durst Turning Into Bono?

(Credit: MTV News, Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

Has anyone taken a look at Fred Durst lately? We can't help but notice that the Limp Bizkit frontman appears to be, well, not quite like himself. There's no sign of his signature backwards red baseball cap and overly man-scaped goatee. Instead, La Durst decided to go fashion-forward and sport chic military jackets and oversized shades. It's all very familiar and very reminiscent of someone else. But who?

It took us a second but then we finally figured it out: Fred Durst is totally morphing into Bono!

The resemblance is uncanny.

What's next, Fred? Winning the annual Man Of Peace prize, which is awarded by Nobel Peace Prize laureates, or becoming a spokesperson for Product Red, which helps raise funds for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria?

Oh, wait... Both of those things would be kind of amazing. No snarky comments here.

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