The Buzz On: I Fight Dragons

Nostalgia can be a tricky impulse for a band to follow. Often it leads groups to merely mimic the sounds of the past. But it can be a handy tool in a sonic toolbox, if used correctly. Take Chicago rockers I Fight Dragons, who've taken their love of the simple, lo-fi sounds of 1980s Nintendo games and made a new genre out of it: chiptune rock.

Chip-tune is original music made from the sound cards of old video games. I Fight Dragons uses 8-bit video game sounds as a kind of synth-keyboard, adding melody and atmosphere without gimmick. Songs like "Don't You" and "Heads Up, Hearts Down," taken from their Cool Is Just A Number EP, usually start out with a flourish of NES sound, before shifting into rock-and-roll overdrive, with the video game melodies woven into the songs themselves.

I Fight Dragons are currently on the mtvU Too Fast For Love Tour with Cobra Starship and 3Oh!3. You can listen to a ton of music and play their custom-made video game at their official site. Check out their animated video for the song "Money" below, and listen to more I Fight Dragons.