New Video: Carrie Underwood, 'Undo It'

Since releasing her third album, Play On, last year, Carrie Underwood has thrown us a couple of different looks when it comes to music videos. In "Cowboy Cassanova," we got Diva Carrie, stomping her spiked heels around a costume party. "Temporary Home" showed us a more nurturing and sensitive side with Caring Carrie hovering through a tear-jerking narrative. So what role does she play in her new video for "Undo It"? Probably the one she's best known for: that of "Carrie Underwood," plain and simple.

"Undo It," directed by Chris Hicky, is all about Carrie Underwood the singer/performer. Things start out in black and white, with Carrie performing solo in front of a mic (and from a recliner!). This clip is really all about the "American Idol" winner (speaking of which, "Undo It" was co-penned by Kara DioGuardi), her voice and her natural charisma. This is no more evident than when the video switches action to a live concert setting and we get Carrie on stage, doing the seen-a-million-faces-and-rocked-them-all thing. Keep doing it, Carrie.

Check out the video below. Play On is out now.

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