Star Spotting: First Pic Of Justin Bieber's Entourage

Look, I know how it goes. You're at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and your mom won't leave you alone about posing for a picture with two grown men paid to dress up like Daffy and Bugs. I feel your pain, Justin Bieber. And I know getting your photo taken with these beloved characters from the cartoon universe is not exactly the same thing as getting snapped with Kim Kardashian (who you rolled with at the White House Correspondents Dinner) or Miley Cyrus (who can't be tamed, but can be taken out for sushi). But come on, homie! There's no reason to ice grill the paparazzi! You're only the most popular boy in the world, spending a school day at the amusement park! Cheer up!

That's the spirit!

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