Buzzworthy Style Files: 10 Awful Prom Dresses

Much like vomiting and bathing suit shopping, finding the perfect prom dress is one of those dreaded scenarios that are just sometimes unavoidable.

Unless you know your way around a Singer sewing machine and can make your own killer dress, "Project Runway"-style, there's a good chance you've picked over tens, if not hundreds, of hideous gowns in an attempt to find "the one."

Luckily for most prom-goers (at least the ones with good taste), those hideous dresses will never see the light of day -- until now. We scoured the racks, looking for the best of the worst, and here are our top 10 picks.

Note to reader: In case you were wondering, these are all current dress designs. Some have even been featured in Seventeen and Prom Magazine -- IN 2010! Yup, despite popular belief, 1987 did not have the market cornered on tacky and tasteless prom dresses. Those with sensitive stomachs should proceed with caution.

Sequin short strapless dress ($149): This dress wouldn't be so bad if it weren't reminiscent of Shrek. The Shrek look probably isn't gonna help you seal the deal on prom. Unless you don't want to seal any deal. In which case, go for the Shrek look!

Beaded evening gown by Jasz ($298): If you've got a good caboose, we understand wanting to show it off. However, no matter how good your caboose is, there's no reason to look like you're peeing sequins.

Unique long one-shoulder prom dress by Blush ($358): Ah, the eternal question: Can you ever have too many ruffles? Yes. The answer is yes.

One-shoulder sequin covered dress by Tiffany ($338): Which do you think is more hideous: the dresses or the styling? We don't know about you, but those black feathers coming out of that poor girl's head totally bring the ensemble together.

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Short strapless party dress by Night Moves ($218): This is one package we have no interest in opening.

Elegant V-neck Blush gown ($598): "Oh, you're looking for a prom dress that doesn't look like a sequined doily tower -- or a fifth-rate version of Miley Cyrus' Oscar dress? Try the rack over there."

Multi-print halter top dress ($242): There are no words.

Halter prom dress with hi-low hem line by Atria ($240): This is kinda like the dress version of a reverse mullet -- party in the front, business in the back.

Fun party dress by Jovani ($378): When a clothing company puts "fun" in the title of one of its dresses, that probably means the garment is anything but. Also, not sure what your prom dress code is like, but a dress spattered with crappy silver spray paint might not meet the black-tie requirement.

Unique plaid mermaid prom dress by Alyce ($398): We don't know what crazy-ass beach this mermaid washed up on, but remind us NEVER to go there. Yeesh!