Is Limp Bizkit's New Song 'Why Try' The New 'Nookie'?

Just when you thought it was safe to wear your red baseball cap backwards again, Fred Durst and his Woodstock-riot-inducing, "Nookie"-motivated band of brothers are back up in this mug like it's the summer of '99 all over again.

Behold, "Why Try," taken from Limp Bizkit's forthcoming album, Gold Cobra. If it seems like it was just yesterday that Courtney Love was making headlines by blaming Durst & Co. for ruining rock in the late '90s, that's because it was yesterday (basically). Like some kind of conjuring spell, Love's onstage dissing of Limp seems to have brought about this return. So let's take a listen to the evidence.

"Why Try" features the atonal guitar stylings of Wes Borland, the "rapping" of Fred Durst and a heavy-hitting, pit-inciting, nihilistic chorus that asks (and answers) the existential question, "Why try? You gonna die." It all sounds a bit like ... well, like Limp Bizkit. With perhaps a little Eminem thrown in for good measure.

Gold Cobra will uncoil later this year, with rumored appearances from Wu-Tang's Raekwon, Kiss' Gene Simmons and rumored song titles like "Douchebag," which is about bullies. While threatening, it's less grim than Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water.

Check out "Why Try"? below.

+ Listen to Limp Bizkit, "Why Try."