Video Premiere: Drake, 'Find Your Love'

Your first reaction to watching the first few seconds of Drake's brand-new video, “Find Your Love,” directed by Anthony Mandler, might be “Woah! Political video?” But seconds later, a chick in a bikini (model Maliah Michel) may lead you to believe this is yet another booty-on-the-beach clip. But it's more than just T&A this time. Drake’s looking for love, stripped-back 808s and Heartbreak style (and Kanye's production influence is obvious. "Find Your Love" is the visual yin to Kanye's "Love Lockdown" yang.) But Drake's vulnerability and willingness to let love rule comes at a high price. If you think you’ve found love in the Kingston gully, think again. Seriously? Drake? Next time, hit up Disney World. Ish like this does not go down in the Magic Kingdom.

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