Get To Know Alpha Rev -- The Music Behind 'True Life: I Hate My Plastic Surgery'

On tonight's "True Life: I Hate My Plastic Surgery," you'll meet two young people who've gone under the knife and come out from the experience mired in regret. It's serious decisions met with serious consequences. Several of the songs you'll hear in "True Life: I Hate My Plastic Surgery" -- which takes an in-depth look at life-altering changes -- are by Austin alt-rock band Alpha Rev. And all of Alpha Rev's emotional, moving music perfectly matches the somber tones of the episode.

Even if you haven't experienced plastic surgery you wish you could undo, Alpha Rev's lead singer-songwriter Casey McPherson explains how anyone can relate to the band's music and the story of the two people who've chosen to share their story with "True Life."

"All our songs are about the human experience, and our journey to become free," McPherson explained. "Life throws us all kinds of curveballs, and sometimes we just need to understand that it's all going to be OK and we're beautiful just the way we are made. Music has brought me that connection, and I hope our songs do the same for others."

Watch two videos by Alpha Rev -- "Colder Months" and "New Morning" -- and a live performance of "When Did I Wake Up." Plus, watch a sneak preview of "True Life: I Hate My Plastic Surgery." Then watch the show tonight at 10/9c.