New Video: Jason Derulo, 'Ridin' Solo'

With "In My Head" and "Whatcha Say," Jason Derulo has gone a long way in perfecting his own little fiefdom in R&B; it's over-the-top emotional, with dramatic keyboard flourishes and passionate vocals, all of which illustrates the love-in-turmoil lyrics of his songs.

"Ridin' Solo" retains all the musical attributes we've come to know, love and expect from the young artist, but casts off the angst. "Ridin' Solo," finds Derulo happy in his bachelorhood. (Good thing, too, since the whole caught-you-cheating bust-up of "Whatcha Say.") And he brought some flashing lights and dance moves to prove it.

In this Scott Speer-directed video, Jason Derulo is, "finally doing me and it feels so right." After some faux-maudlin piano tinkling, he gets dressed up, dances in front of a mirror and borrows some of Usher's "Yeah" light show to celebrate being a lone wolf.

Check out a whole other side of Jason Derulo in his "Ridin' Solo" video below (with a little bonus Usher action). Jason Derulo's self-titled debut is out now.