Song You Need To Know: Katy Perry, 'E.T. (Futuristic Lover)'

Katy Perry's major-label debut album, One Of The Boys, was powered largely by the contributions of super producer Dr. Luke, who supplied Perry with addictive, snyth-pop hits like "Hot N Cold." Since she burst onto the pop scene in 2007, Katy Perry's seen Ke$ha use the same foundation of Dr. Luke backing tracks + some uniquely hungover "rhymes" = make a mint.

"California Gurls" was Katy Perry taking that format back from Ke$ha (and, come on, those opening keyboard lines on "California Gurls" are pretty much exactly the melody from "Tik Tok"). Now "E.T." the second leak from Perry's album that may or may not be called Teenage Dream, is the sound of Perry growing and evolving past that particular tug-of-war, trying out a whole new style.

Perhaps inspired by the dark, atmospheric work of her maid-of-honor-in-waiting, Rihanna, "E.T." somewhat resembles the slower, darker tracks on Rated R. It's got a crunching, slow beat and a huge chorus about a lover that infects her with poison.

It's definitely a different look from the usually fun-loving Perry. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Oh, and word to the wise: This being a leak and all, there's a decent chance that this might not even be on Katy's album. While we know "California Gurls" is official, "E.T." is slightly less so. Just something to keep in mind.