5 Videos That Defined The '90s

(Credit: Getty Images)

Back in 1990, gas was around $1.20 per gallon, Miley Cyrus wasn't even born yet (!!!) and Spice Girls' Mel B still had hair on both sides of her head. Those were the days!

In celebration of our favorite (and most recent) decade, we thought it was time to scribble up a list of our favorite '90s-est videos. So pause that episode of "Seinfeld," put on your Hypercolor tee and crack open a can of Crystal Pepsi. It's time to party like it's, um, 1990!

1.) Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (1991): The task was simple: Set up a mock pep rally with all sorts of grunge misfits and a creepy-looking janitor, tell Nirvana to play and try to lip-synch accordingly, and press 'record.' To this day, people still might not understand what Kurt Cobain was singing -- something about mosquitoes and Taquitos?? -- but, almost 20 years later, the clip still remains a '90s-era classic.

2.) Snoop Doggy Dogg's "What's My Name?" (1993): For better or worse, our urban vernacular would never be the same after the introduction of Snoop-a-loop and his unique doggy style. The Dr. Dre protégé was a mere pup when he filmed this video in the early '90s, but aside from his receding cornrows and a slight pimp cup gut, he looks almost exactly the same.

3.) Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" (1995): When Alanis Morissette first came out with this blurry and completely aggro clip, she was nearly dismissed as being an angry-chick one-hit wonder. However, angry chicks flocked to the song in droves because they related to the tune's fury and Alanis' candor -- even if she allegedly wrote the song about her sour romance with Dave Coulier from "Full House" -- making her an icon for bitter Betties everywhere. Suck on that, Uncle Joey!

4.) Hanson's "MMMBop" (1997): When Hanson skyrocketed to the top of the charts with this nonsensical lil' ditty, it seemed like they came from out of nowhere. (Technically, they came from the middle of nowhere, as insinuated by the band's first major-label album, appropriately titled Middle Of Nowhere.) Before a baby-faced angel named Justin Bieber was even in preschool, the brothers Hanson were driving the girls crazy with their innocent-looking punims, nonthreatening demeanor and obscenely catchy pop songs. Hell, judging from the response they got a couple weeks ago at The Bamboozle, not a whole lot has changed -- except the whole puberty thing.

5.) Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way" (1999): Sure, when I was in college, many local fraternities used to play this song on repeat for hours on end as a way to torture their pledges, but at the time of its release, this song was rad. No, really. Stop laughing. It was! Not only were The Backstreet Boys the biggest band on the planet, but this slick and polished big-budget clip would single-handedly increase the sales of knee-length trench coats and private jet hangers. (OK, that's just a guess, but the video did inspire one bitchin' pop-punk parody.)

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