Director Pete Wentz Takes You Behind The Scenes Of Train's New Video

Pete Wentz is really making the most of his time away from the on-hiatus Fall Out Boy. The bass player, lyricist and dad has recently popped up in a couple of funny videos we've featured from The Ready Set, and now he's lending his talents to the band Train, for the "If It's Love" video, which he directed.

We catch up with Pete in a moment of chillaxitude, as he lounges in a recliner and discusses how labor-intensive music video shoots can be and how important it is to only bring the band to the set when it's time to shoot, not before. Makes sense!

Pete also goes on to muse about the way that music videos amplified the importance of music in his life, by giving some his favorite songs a narrative, which is evident in the "If It's Love" video. And, of course, he throws some shine on his friends in Train, going into what he likes about them and their music.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below, as well as the finished product: Train's "If It's Love" video, directed by Pete Wentz.