Rapper Sam Adams Reveals His Patriotic Past, Talks Asher Roth

Massachusetts rapper Sam Adams is a pretty outspoken cat. In his episode of "The 5," which he posted last month, the baby-faced MC behind "I Hate College" openly discussed his music and his love life in a refreshingly candid way. (As in, he told us he kicked a girl out of bed before the interview.) So we were pretty intrigued to hear what Sam Adams might tell us this time around.

Sam Adams touches on a variety of subjects in this new interview. We learn about his pretty famous family history -- he's an actual descendant of John Quincy Adams -- and the benefits of using your birth name as your MC name. He also answers questions about the summertime hot spot of Nantucket and clears up any lingering questions about whether "I Hate College" was a shot at Asher Roth.

Check out the videos below.