MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Paper Tongues On Their Influences And Fans

(Credit: Liza Chrust/MTV)

Earlier this week we introduced you to MTV PUSH featured artist Paper Tongues, the rock-funk-rap fusion band from North Carolina who provided the theme song for the new MTV show "When I Was 17."

With such an excitable sound, the band surely brings the ruckus live, and that's where Paper Tongues gets their reward: from the connection they make with their fans. One look at their tour dates shows a group willing to go anywhere and everywhere there's a calling, crisscrossing the country to spread their gospel.

In the interview below, Paper Tongues discusses their fans and how their reaction spurs them along on their relentless tour schedule. In the second video, the band talk about its predictably eclectic collection of influences, calling the album a "mixtape" of their collective tastes.

Check out those video interviews, as well as the band's episode of "The 5," all below.

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