Video Premiere: Travie McCoy, 'Billionaire,' Featuring Bruno Mars

Ready to dive headfirst into Travie McCoy's idea of being so rich you make Oprah look broke? Hey, me too! Like most normal human beings, Travie McCoy wants to be Mega Millions rich. And hey, why stop at millionaire when you can be a billionaire? Now if I were a billionaire, I'd buy a mansion made of thousand dollar bills just because I could. Instead, Travie McCoy, in his brand-new video, "Billionaire," featuring Bruno Mars, gets all Kevin Spacey on us, driving around, top down, paying it forward by helping out his fellow bros. Like the song, the "Billionaire" video has a nice, sun-soaked Jason Mraz/Jack Johnson/ "Corona & Lime"/no-shirt-no-shoes vibe, so it's just right that the video ends in the type of thing you don't need much money to enjoy: a summertime backyard party.