Did Lady Gaga Look Too Pretty At The Met Gala?

(Credit: Tommy Ton/Vogue)

Last night was the storied Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala, which is an enormously swanky New York event where celebrities get all dressed up, take limos everywhere, get out of their limos and air kiss, and then stand around on the red carpet in icy gowns (some superlatively terrific, others superlatively tragic) with icy stares and get photographed more in one night than your average human being gets photographed in an entire lifetime. So, in other words, it was basically another average night in New York City. Except even fancier.

Plus, to add some additional above-averageness to the night, Lady Gaga performed four songs to the hugely famous crowd. But something was rather amiss with Gaga's performance. Check out the photo above of Gaga in her Armani Privé sparkly bodysuit. Gorgeous, sure, but is this not a little too tame? No spiked battle flail? Crime scene tape? No neck brace or blood? Where's the danger? Is Gaga going soft?

Of course, one of the most fun elements of Lady Gaga is her expect-the-unexpected guarantee, so it's not surprising that she eschewed her bag of props and tricks. And while Gaga looks gorgeous as a cross between a human unicorn, The Childlike Empress of Fantasia from "The Neverending Story," and Winter Pageant Barbie, does Gaga look -- dare I say it -- too pretty?

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