Tweet Yourself Into We The Kings' And Demi Lovato's New Twitter Fan Photo Mosaic

Remember when we all got together and harnessed the awesome powers of Twitter to create We The Kings and Demi Lovato's Twitter fan mosaic? Of course you do! A.) It was the same day that We The Kings and Demi Lovato's "We'll Be A Dream" video premiered (watch it again below!) and B.) You're probably still having your mind blown finding yourself and all of your friends in the Twitter fan mosaic.

So! Ready to do it again? Yeah? Let's do this! Why? Because being in a picture is more fun than just looking at a picture! Especially when We The Kings and Demi Lovato are in the picture, too.

Send a Tweet with the hashtag #WTKDemiMTV, and your Twitter picture will automatically become part of a Demi Lovato and We The Kings' fan photo mosaic, powered by HashtagArt. And check back soon to see the mosaic -- which will include a picture of YOU!