Buzzworthy Exclusive: 3OH!3 Gets Spiritual On The Too Fast For Love Tour

With "Starstrukk," an homage to Daisy Dukes, and the spectacularly NSFW track, "House Party," 3OH!3 might not strike you as the most spiritual of musical acts. But one look at this exclusive Buzzworthy video, taken while the band tours the nation on the Too Fast For Love lineup (along with Cobra Starship and Travie McCoy), and you might re-evaluate your entire belief system.

We caught up with the duo at The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The vibes at this empty venue shift from holy to juvenile as the boys do a little Gregorian chanting and then engage in some nipple-embracing graffiti. Don't worry -- by the looks of it, The Rave is a tag-happy zone.

The band then hikes to the tallest peak in Milwaukee (which seems, suspiciously, to be on top of the venue) and takes in the Midwestern vista. You can catch 3OH!3 in the following cities, on the following dates on the Too Fast For Love tour.  Select dates from this tour will also be mtvU Movies and Music Festival dates leading up to the big show airing June 6 at 9/8c on MTV.

5/7 Rochester, NY – Rochester Institute of Technology

5/8 Danbury, CT – West Conn

5/14 Columbus, OH – Ohio State

Check out the video and the band's "Starstrukk" video below.

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