New Video: The Black Keys, 'Next Girl'

The Black Keys, the bluesome (new word alert!) twosome of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, are back on the promo treadmill again, making videos, doing interviews, going on tour. It's a tough life, but it's not without its LOLs.

Take the Black Keys' new video for "Next Girl," their first single from their new album, Brothers. The album's artwork has already garnered some attention for its wry wit.

It's homage to an album cover by blues legend Howlin' Wolf.

The "Next Girl" video also has a sense of humor, just a different kind of sense.

Behold the Black Keys' attempt at selling out, making fun of the music biz, making fun of music videos and making a cool music video -- all at the same time. "Next Girl" follows a ... I'll just say it: horny dinosaur puppet as it gallivants with a bunch of barely clad ladies. All the while, running at the bottom of the screen, is a text scroll that tells us the Black Keys have nothing to do with the proceedings.

Behold, having your cake and eating it too. Brothers is out May 18. Watch their "Next Girl" video, though it may be considered somewhat NSFW.

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