Download Theft's 'Fireworks Explode' From 'True Life: I Have A Traumatic Brain Injury'

On tonight's all-new episode of MTV's "True Life: I Have A Traumatic Brain Injury," you'll meet 19-year-old Neil, 20-year-old Adam and 26-year-old Donnie, all of whom are recovering from traumatic brain injuries sustained by vehicular accidents. But there's also significant meaning behind the music you'll hear in the episode.

Atmospheric singer-songwriter Matt McCartie, who records under the name Theft, wrote the song "Fireworks Explode" featured in the "True Life: I Have A Traumatic Brain Injury" episode. "Fireworks Explode" was inspired by a friend of McCartie's who also sustained a traumatic brain injury. The song, which was rerecorded in its acoustic form for "True Life," then evolved to become a tribute to anyone in need of healing. "Fireworks Explode" is available as a free download below.

Watch a sneak peek of "True Life: I Have a Traumatic Brain Injury" before it airs tonight at 10/9c, watch Matthew McCartie discuss "Fireworks Explode," and find out more about the Brain Injury Association of America, the charity he's involved with.